Stad Antwerpen

Stad Antwerpen

Bringing the social economy to Linkedin

In Antwerp, there are 13 companies who employ people you would never come across on linkedin. They are either physically disabled, mentally handicapped or simply set back because of their social background. And even though those companies are more about ‘societal gain’ than ‘mere profit’, their order book needs to be filled. With orders from companies for profit.

Evening the odds

Today, the first thing you do when you’ve finished studying and are totally ready for a job, is setting up a Linkedin profile. It allows you to scope out companies, connect with potential employers or companies who might otherwise be interested in working with you. Basically any person who has to work for a living, is on Linkedin

Anyone but the employees of the social economy. We decided to change that. So that, as of today, several Antwerp companies involved in the social economy, have Linkedin helping to fill their order books as well.

The snowball that is Linkedin

We helped several social economy workers to set up their profile on Linkedin and send connection requests to all competitors of the companies they were already working for.

Linkedin allows you to include a personal note. It is up to you to turn that into a one-sentence-pitch. Which is exactly what we did.

The people receiving the connection requests, learned about the opportunities of working with the sheltered workshop in question at a glance.

Does Linkedin work for the social economy?

Today, the 4 Antwerp companies involved in our social economy experiment, have garnered over 2000 Linkedin connections with relevant prospects. Several of which have already turned out to be leads to actual entries in order books.