Never again

Raylex is an extremely efficient tool that will help you stop biting your nails. At once. It is a pen you use to conveniently apply the world’s most bitter taste to your nails (or what is left of them). Next time you distractedly nibble at your nails, it is something you definitely will remember. Meaning you will never ever again nibble at your nails. Distractedly or otherwise.

Sayonara, nailbiters!

There is no such thing as ‘hyper’-targeting nailbiters on Facebook. So, if reaching nailbiters is what you want, you have to address a broad audience with a message you hope they will convey to friends and family who actually do bite their nails. Luckily, there was some incongruity going on here. People do abhor the taste of Raylex, but they totally loved the videos we loaded up on Youtube and Facebook.

In France, after a mere couple of days, the Facebook video featuring Aube had already been shared over 1600 times. That’s correct: you read ‘shared’, not ‘viewed’.

Acting talent not required.

We put 5 young people in front of a high-speed camera. All we asked them to do was to apply Raylex and subsequently bite their nails. All the rest happened quite naturally.

Trust us, you can perfectly try this at home.


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