Niko connected switch

Effortlessly smarter

How does one get professional installers of electric installations interested in a new product that helps them to effortlessly upgrade existing intallations so they become smart?


Niko already had a product for people who want more flexibility when it comes to switching lights on and off. A product that allows for extra switches wherever you want them, without having to turn your house into a construction site. Again.

Replacing the original switch by a receiver and sticking an adhesive wireless switch exactly where you need it, is all it takes. Now, by simply adding a gateway, it is also possible to flip those same switches on your smartphone, wherever you are. This is no small feat as it means that virtually every existing electric installation can now be turned into a ‘smart’ one. Effortlessly.


We sent every installer of electric installations a box containing a vial with an innocuous drink mainly from apple juice and cinnamon. As the box looked like it contained some kind of potion, it was our promise that if you drank it, you would instantly and effortlessly become noticeably smarter.

Everyone could then put our promise to the test by visiting a webpage and playing a simple game. The game was impossible to finish if you had declared not to have drunk the potion. If you finished the game, you obviously were smart enough to learn everything about Niko connected switch and make your customers’ electric installation smart as well.


Installers did see the joke. They actually liked it a lot. Not only did the potion become a running joke, installers bragged on social networks about the fact they actually had become smarter after drinking the potion. The lab theme, the package design of the potion and the overall look and feel of the campaign, inspired multiple events, booths on trade frairs, …