De Grote Smaaktest

A tasteful content campaign

Continental Foods’ range of Lacroix fonds is an established tastemaker in many a household. To reinforce the brand’s presence in kitchens across the country, we created an adventurous content roadmap based on the “taste” theme.

Campaign kick-off

A nationwide taste survey

We kicked off this campaign, with a press momentum introducing the 5 most recurring taste profiles, based on a nationwide survey. With these taste profiles came a whole new way of culinary thinking, earning Lacroix plenty of media coverage.

A tasteful website for foodlovers

The campaign website features a fun test based on 15 taste dilemmas, leading to the definition of your personal taste profile.

The site also provides extensive information on the newly introduced theme of “taste profiles”. What defines taste? What does it mean when you’re a fresh & sour type?

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Seasonal culinary content

Teaming up with top chef Viki Geunes, we introduced a series of seasonal content files and fingerlickin’ multicourse meals, tailored to match the various taste profiles.


Media coverage

Media coverage in both mainstream and specialized culinary press