The Kobi Company

Launching a multifunctional robot for yard work. In the U.S. of A.

America is the land where April has been proclaimed the National Lawn Care Month. Eighty-four percent of Americans say that the quality of a home’s landscaping would affect their decision about whether or not to buy. Hence the typically American adage that “good landscaping makes good neighbors”.

So, if a Belgo-American startup would try and sell a totally new and unique robot for yard work in the States, it should at least be a little stressed out…

It cuts grass. It rakes leaves. It shovels snow.

Building the story for the robot for yard work that lives up to American standards.

Kobi is not your regular lawn mower. During summer, it meticulously mows lawns. During autumn, it tirelessly mulches fallen leaves. And during winter, unhampered by unhuman temperatures, it cleverly blows away snow.

Especially the snow-part sets Kobi miles ahead of any competitor. But how do you explain that to potential buyers and how do you start garnering interest at a time where only a prototype is finished?

That’s easy. We built a website with a tongue-in-cheek approach that made you feel part of a community that knows how to keep the family –and the neighbours– happy with a totally smart and totally effortless solution: Kobi.

As proof of concept,
we also shot a snow-shoveling movie.
In mid-summer, that is.

One thing is for sure. If you shoot a snow-shoveling movie in mid summer, you’re guaranteed to turn some heads. Everywhere in the world.