Inspired by Miele 2


Inspired by Miele

    How can an established brand of household appliances leverage the power of thousands of genuinely enthusiastic customers? As an answer to his question, we set up a communication platform with inspiring content and the input of passionate brand lovers so as to inspire a whole new generation of families.

Instead of paying heavily for famous people to be our brand ambassadors during the most important trade show of the year, we simply invited our most fervent fans. They came and helped out people who visited our booth. Without being paid.


    For generations now, Miele has been building quite a reputation because of its premium quality. As of today, the brand has inspired several generations of mothers, cooks and food passionates. Virtually each and everyone of them is genuinely enthusiastic about how Miele household appliances are extremely helpful in taking better care of families and friends.

The problem was that, when you googled Miele, you got a very distorted image of the brand. Your search primarily surfaced the people complaining about Miele. Which is definitely not what you want as a premium brand. As it turned out, this started working against the brand to the extent that it impacted sales.

We love it when a plan comes together.


    The idea was basically a very simple one. Let us drown the bad reviews with reactions from the numerous Miele clients who swear by the brand. Let us start recruiting brand lovers and invite them to become our partners in communication. Let us become less technical and more inspirational instead. Let us give Miele customers a platform where they can talk from the heart while helping out other Miele users.


    If Miele, as a brand, can get its customers to come to its booth and talk and convince visitors that easily, than there should be no problem at all rolling out the same concept as an online platform to a much broader audience.

That is how came about. We built it from the ground up and kicked it off right after Batibouw, the year’s most important trade fair. There, we watched and filmed Miele customers talking to and helping out people visiting the booth.

Consequently, we used that content to convince young families, women and people interested in building a new home… But we didn’t forget existing customers and invited them by means of e-mail, social media and various other online campaigns to come and join Miele’s newly born online community.


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