Smart Campaigns


From strategy to execution

Companies are searching for ways to become more consumer-oriented. Our campaigns help them communicate in a smarter way.


Support your business objectives
Microtarget specific audiences
Use the power of influencers

Campaign brief

We combine your insights with our skills and experience. During a briefing session we get inside your business and take a close look at your marketplace opportunity. 

KPI dashboards

We define actionable goals and match them to the right KPIs. A weekly or monthly report dashboard shows what is happening and how we are reaching your campaign objectives.

Micro targeting

New advertising formats enable brands to target the right audience at the right moment. Smart campaigns offer highly relevant experiences based on exceptional content.


We offer an integrated approach where owned, payed and earned channels closely work together and reinforce each other. Influencers and communities help move people from awareness to consideration.

Content calendar

We use content calendars to tell brand stories. We define touch points in time and deliver experiences that don’t just communicate marketing messages but also transmit brand values.

Conversion strategy

Closing a deal means convincing buyer personas with the right arguments. A smart campaign detects personas, generates tailormade stories and turns visitors into clients.