Online Advertising


Microtarget your audience

We launch online advertising campaigns that bring relevant people to the sweet spot on your website.


Quickly build reach to a website, brandpage or app
Microtarget people based on demographics, interests or behavior
Create an ongoing and cost-efficient sales channel

Youtube advertising

Youtube offers video advertisers interesting formats like pre-roll ads, in-search ads or in-stream ads. We offer the complete realization of viral video campaigns, starting with a concept and followed by the complete production and distribution through social media and Youtube. 

Social advertising

Our social advertising campaigns build reach by promoting branded content to specific user profiles. On Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin we can target profiles based on their interests, demographics or even behavior. We can also make display ads appear on social profiles.

Display advertising

Display ads raise awareness for your brand. The ingredients of a successful display campaign? A carefully chosen media mix, a range of creative ads and a campaign page that seals the deal by collecting data or leads.



Remarketing means advertising to people who have already been in contact with your brand before. We make display ads, social ads or search ads more relevant by offering optimized messages based on a previous experience. 

Search advertising

People rely on search when looking for products. As Google partner we know best how to build your presence in Google and make this pay-per-click channel continuously support your online sales. We reach the right people when we combine relevant keywords and carefully written ads.

Mobile advertising

We help app developers successfully launch their apps. In-app advertising campaigns offer exposure of your app in other related apps. We can also promote your app through mobile search or display campaigns and suggest your app to users in relevant situations.

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