Community Management


More results with social media

We help brands manage their communities, engage with their fans and make them generate business through social media.


Reach segmented profiles
Engage with fans and collect data
Build traffic to your website or shop

4 phases in community management

How can we collaborate?

Ongoing support

Our editorial team manages all your social channels and becomes the driving force of your social presence. First we build a content plan, then we structure the ongoing process of content creation and distribution. We provide a reporting dashboard and organise editorial meetings on a regular basis. A monthly retainer covers our service. 

Social media campaigns

Our social media campaigns are perfect for when you want to attract new fans, stimulate engagement with or collect data from existing fans. We can microtarget specific users based on demographics, interests or behavior and we convert fans using apps, videos and webpages. We offer a full service, from strategy to execution.

Strategic consultancy

Most brands have internal staff working on social media. But sometimes business objectives are not met. Or priorities change and a project needs a push in another direction. We can revise your social strategy and write a new social plan for your brand. We can also support you with the implementation of this plan, step by step.

Social media training sessions

Social media keeps evolving rapidly and platforms need to innovate in order to survive. We offer training sessions for teams that want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Our sessions can take place in your offices or in ours. Needless to say we tailor our sessions to the needs of your team. Sessions usually last half a day.