Agile Content


You dont know what lies ahead. We help brands become agile content publishers. Customer insights and interactions help us to continuously improve our content flows.


Monitor and understand your customers
Build brand stories for your customers
Treat your content plan as a living framework
Keep intensive content flows affordable

Agile content framework: a 4-step process

Intensive content flows

Managing intensive content flows is often a difficult feat for brands that are familiar with the traditional way of campaigning, in which a limited number of materials are delivered. We shape content flows by working closely together with our clients during creative content workshops and ongoing editorial meetings.

Agile content productions

Digital storytelling increasingly relies on productions in which story builders along with imaging specialists, creative minds and data crunchers capture stories. Our agile content team combines these experts. This means we stay affordable. It also means we are fast and flexible.

Mixed media experiences

User tests show that long online texts doesn't hold the visitor's attention. Mixed media experiences score a lot better. With (audio) visual content we bring your stories to life and thus stimulate the engagement of your visitors. Then we distribute your content to the right channels in order to reach the right people.

Continuous campaign mode

Drawing-up a magnetic content plan and managing the content of the various media channels demands a continuous campaign mode and constant editorial follow-up. Quick changes of gears are necessary, especially, if you want to capitalize on current issues.

Affordable content flows

We keep your content flows affordable by creating a healthy mix of high-profile content and content to support marketing messages. Through the smart use of reusable formats and storytelling-frameworks, the agile content team realises impactful publications, quickly and efficiently.

An iterative process

Working agile means following an iterative and incremental process: start with something simple, understand that it needs improvement, and continuously make those improvements based on customer feedback. The agile principle originated in the world of software development.

The agile content team

Content strategist

The content strategist develops strategies around brand values, then he defines the content space you want to take in. This leads to umbrella concepts and creative formats.

Digital publisher

The digital publisher draws up content calendars and ensures their realisation, he interacts with customers on social media, writes engaging posts, articles and newsletters.

Creative producer

The creative producer elevates content to a higher level. He builds concepts and brings them to life using illustrations, audio visual productions, animations, expressive images.

Digital marketer

The digital marketer is the distribution specialist and masters digital owned, earned & paid channels. He inserts performance thinking into the creative process.

Data expert

The data expert captures data and turns data into customer insights. He studies customer behavior, monitors the web and is a master in online survey campaigns.

Brand manager

From the customer's side, the PM or brand manager monitors the brand, sends briefings, streamlines the communication and gives insight into the commercial results.