Linkman produced a Start-up documentary


Linkman proud to present the Start-up documentary

During the summer of 2014, Linkman launched a Telenet Idealabs startup campaign and acquisition to convince startups to subscribe to the accelerator program. The start-up accelerator program was created to stimulate digital entrepreneurship in Flanders.

A documentary created by Linkman shows how this start-up accelerator program actually works. From an idea to start-up, in the wake of young entrepreneurs. The viral campaign is launched and regularly optimized on several social media as Twitter, facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Today Campr, Dot, Intuo and are ready to take over the market with their innovating digital products. Linkman covered their start-up track from A to Z in video and text.

The Startuprevolution Trailer


New name, same offer. In 2015, the start-up accelerator 'Telenet Idealabs' became 'Telenet Kickstart, powerd by Idealabs'. After last year's success, Telenet happily decided to work with Linkman to create the next acquisition campaign for 2015. This includes:
• The Telenet Kickstart website on which people with a good startup idea can register.
• A viral content and acquisition campaign across all social media channels of Idealabs and Telenet Kickstart.
• An acquisition video spot to convince people with a good idea to register for the kickstart program.