Linkman likes it sweet and sour. How about you?


Linkman likes it sweet and sour. How about you?


SWEET-SOUR is our nation’s favourite flavour. Topping the taste-charts with about 24% of the “votes”

7/10 women cook every day 
4/10 men cook every day

These are just a few learnings distilled from a nationwide survey Linkman and iVox conducted for Lacroix. De Grote Smaaktest was launched just a week ago and is the very first poll to scientifically map Belgium’s preferences in terms of flavour. In less then 2 weeks after launch about 50.000 amateur chefs took the online test and are now able to perfectly match their cuisine to their personal taste profile.

"The French-speaking part of Belgium is more adventurous. Check out De Grote Smaaktest for more tasty facts."tweeticon

Linkman CEO Philippe De Puydt: “From playing with food for the photoshoot to all the research that went into defining these 5 taste profiles: this was an incredibly fun project to work on. Needless to say, we went home with a good appetite every day while developing this campaign!”

For more tasty facts and figures, have a look the “Smaak van België” infographic. Care to find out which profile matches your taste buds? Take the test and we’ll treat you to some flavoursome recipes - tailormade for your taste profile!